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The Heirs ^^

salam..any0ng hasey0 !!!
kepada semua peminat drama arama k0rea..esp f0r all die-hard fan 0f lee min h0.....dah teng0k cerita terbari dia..??!!!! drama The Heirs......baru je start 2 minggu yang lepas..s0 far baru 4 epis0d..kalau kat chanel SBS every wed & thu....jum teng0k sin0psis cerita ni......cerita ni pasal percintaan (Kim Tan) Lee Min H0 & (Cha Eun Sang) Park Shin Hye yang ada diffrent backgr0und....actually this st0ry t0o many cliche dengan cerita cerita lain....but n0t bad lah.....memang banyak latar cantik.....rugi tak teng0k....*actually aku tak la suka sangat gabungan Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye coz di0rang nampak macam abanga & adik......kihkih...maybe sebab Lee Min Ho tinggi sangat kutt.....c0mel gila teng0k pasangan B0 Na & Min Hyuk dalam cerita ni..sweet sangat.......hehe......


  • Drama: The Heirs / The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bear The Crown – The Heirs
  • Revised romanization: Wangkwoneul Sseuryeoneunja, Keumugyeruel Kyeondyeora - Sangsokjadeul
  • Hangul: 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들
  • Director: Kang Shin-Hyo
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Sook
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: October 9 - December 12, 2013
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"The Heirs" depicts the friendships, rivalries and love lives of young, rich heirs led by Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) and a girl named Cha Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye). Unlike the others, Cha Eun-Sang is considered ordinary and comes from a poor background.
18-year-old Cha Eun-Sang lives with her mother who is mute. Her mother works as a housekeeper and Eun-Sang also works part-time jobs to help out. One day, Eun-Sang's older sister (Yoon Jin-Seo) calls from the U.S. and informs them that she will marry. Eun-Sang's mother then asks Eun-Sang to send her older sister some money from her savings account. Eun-Sang isn't happy with her situation and decides to go to the U.S. herself to see if she can start a better life with her sister.
When Eun-Sang arrives in California she is in for a shock. Her older sister lives in a filthy home with a deadbeat boyfriend who seems violent. Her sister is also not getting married or going to school and works full-time as a waitress. When Eun-Sang finally tracks down her sister working at a beach front restaurant, she takes the money Eun-Sang brought for her wedding and leaves without even saying goodbye. Eun-Sang's dreams of starting a better life in America quickly vanishes and she crumbles to the ground in tears.
Meanwhile, Kim Tan is not your typical high school student, but a handsome and wealthy Korean heir to a large conglomeration. He is sitting out on the patio of the beach front restaurant, watching everything unfold between Eun-Sang and her sister. Kim Tan's American friend then sees a ziplock bag with a powdery substance fall out of Eun-Sang's suitcase and runs over to scoop it up. Kim Tan knows immediately that the ziplock bag doesn't contain drugs, but rather powder grain to make traditional Korean drinks. Soon, Eun-Sang runs off after Kim Tan's friend and Kim Tan goes to help Eun-Sang. When the dust is settled, Eun-Sang walks out of a police station and her passport is temporarily confiscated. With nowhere to go for Eun-Sang, Kim Tan offers to let her stay at his home. Although they seem to come from different worlds, they quickly develop a rapport for each other. But, when Kim Tan is at school, Eun-Sang meets a girl named Rachel (Kim Ji-Won). Rachel informs Eun-Sang that she is Kim Tan's fiance and she demands that Eun-Sang leaves his home immediately. Eventually, Eun-Sang returns to South Korea.
Kim Tan now feels nothing but emptiness after Eun-Sang's departure. He decides to go back to Korea even though his older stepbrother Won (Choi Jin-Hyuk) strongly opposes his return. When Kim Tan gets back to his luxurious mansion like home, he sees someone briefly that resembles Eun-Sang. Kim Tan goes to his mother Ki-Ae (Kim Sung-Ryoung) and asks about the unfamiliar, but familiar girl that he briefly saw. His mother tells him that the girl is their housekeeper's daughter and her name is Cha Eun-Sang. She's also staying in their home.

f0r th0se yang nak kenal character....^^


The Heirs-Lee Min-Ho.jpgThe Heirs-Park Shin-Hye.jpgThe Heirs-Kim Woo-Bin.jpgThe Heirs-Kang Min-Hyuk.jpgThe Heirs-Choi Jin-Hyuk.jpg
Lee Min-HoPark Shin-HyeKim Woo-BinKang Min-HyukChoi Jin-Hyuk
Kim TanCha Eun-SangChoi Young-DoYoon Chan-YoungKim Won
The Heirs-Kang Ha-Neul.jpgKrystalKim Ji-WonThe Heirs-Park Hyung-Sik.jpgThe Heirs-Jeon Soo-Jin.jpg
Kang Ha-NeulKrystalKim Ji-WonPark Hyung-SikJeon Soo-Jin
Lee Hyo-ShinLee Bo-NaRachel YooJo Myung-SooKang Ye-Sol
The Heirs-Lim Ju-Eun.jpgThe Heirs-Kim Sung-Ryoung.jpg
Lim Ju-EunKim Sung-Ryoung
Jeon Hyun-JooHan Ki-Ae
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